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“I Can’t Cook!” Isn’t the same as “I won’t ever learn!”

Learn to cook if not for yourself for your significant other. It sounds old school but it's an asset you wish you had. More tips

Learn to cook if not for yourself for your significant other. It sounds old school but it’s an asset you wish you had. More tips & recipes visit

Weddings are fun but as several couples featured in the Cultural Wedding Planner all agree “The hard work actually starts after the wedding!”

As the project manager for Cultural Weddings ® I completely agree. The wedding albeit a huge celebration and gathering of friends and family and of course fun.

It’s the day-to-day interaction with your significant other that can indeed be joyful, and sometimes challenging (depending on where your head space is for the day). But what tends to require even more work are the mundane jobs. You know the stuff that you don’t WANT to do; but NEED to do and HAVE to do! Because without them; things seem somewhat dysfunctional. Like cleaning, laundry, paying your bills and of course cooking.

I admit it here again; my official announcement was on national television (a few years ago). But here it goes again. I can’t cook!

I recall having a conversation with my husband before we got married about cooking. Iclearly recall saying ‘I don’t know how to cook.’ He said ‘okay’. and that was that.

In our first couple of years of being married, we lived in a trendy part of Vancouver BC. There was an abundance of lovely restaurants to try daily; which we did! The vanity of eating out so much is short lived. And soon having to eat out is even more bothersome than preparing good food at home for several reasons (which I promise I will mention later).

In our first few years of married life, my husband became an AMAZING cook (and sometimes when we had guests over for a dinner — which he so lovingly prepared, he would let me take the credit. At first and several (lets say at least half a dozen occasions), it felt nice to hear our guests praise me. However, as time passed I felt huge guilt for taking the credit I didn’t deserve. We both let it slide until at one dinner party, I just couldn’t do it anymore. That’s was it! No more pretending to be this amazing cook when really all I could do was guarantee to burn toast and over boil (Indian chai) on a daily basis.

I will share more of this story a little later but for now; just a tip. Learning to cook is an artistic skill and a definite asset.
Whether you are a bride-to-be or not, it’s important to have this skill in hand. I know I sound like a mother (my mother infact!) but it’s so true.

Cooking is an asset. Whether you like it or not.

Stay tuned for part 2. But for now here’s a sneak peak of what a domestically-challenged (I’m not sure if this a politically correct word) created for lunch.



#ThrowbackThursday by Cultural Weddings ®

As featured in the Cultural Wedding Planner

This is by far one of the most fairytale weddings we have featured in the Cultural Wedding Planner.

Since seeing the latest release of Cinderella a few weeks ago I couldn’t help but note the similarity of the horse & carriage.

The gorgeous blue dress – check

Glass slipper – check

The handsome prince – check

The beautiful princess – check

The fairy god mother (aka Lucy of Key Events & Weddings) – check

Ceremony: Four Seasons, Whistler, BC
Reception: Chateau Whistler Ballroom, Whistler, BC
Cinema for Engagement and Wedding: RF
Photos: Shoebox Photography (Ist shooter)
Photos: Alfred from Key Wedding Photography
Wedding Coordinator: Lucy from Key Events and Weddings
Flowers: Proline Trading
Bride’s Gown: Blush Bridal and Special Occasions Wear; custom Vera
Groom’s Attire: Leone, Vancouver,
Cake: Fairmont Chateau Whistler Chef
Decor: Key Events & Weddings
Make-Up: Bernie Beauty Salon &
Hair: Jessica from D’Light Hair Art Inc.
Carriage: Stanley Park Horse & Carriage

Read the full story here:

PS if you are getting married be sure to get your complimentary copy of the Cultural Wedding Planner- please call us at 1-604-351-9488 and we’d be happy to courier you one so you can begin planning your fairytale wedding or visit

As featured in the Cultural Wedding Planner

As featured in the Cultural Wedding Planner


Canada's First South Asian Wedding Planner 13th edition Cultural Weddings

Welcome: so here is the long overdue BLOG that I’ve promised our team I was going to do a while back. What I’ve been putting off for the longest time will now be documented here. Yes, you will get my personal takes on being the Project Manager for BC’s first and longest running cultural wedding planning resource CulturalWeddings® , IndianWeddings ® the Grand Wedding Show ®, The Cultural Wedding Planner ™ & Canada’s First South Asian Wedding Planner ™ along with some of the charity work I am involved in. Plus all stuff that any busy mom, wife, daughter, entrepreneur deals with daily. So in a nutshell some rants, raves & my two bits on how I view my world.

I have to admit though; I am super excited because TODAY I get to share with you the cover image of the 13th edition of Canada’s First South Asian Wedding Planner. Working on our cover every year (this happens to be our 13th annual edition) is ONE of the favorite parts of what I get to do with our wedding dream team.This year we are featuring the gorgeous image photographed by the very talented Z Molu Photography ( Hands down a super talented photographer with an eye for details. This year’s edition of Canada’s First South Asian Wedding Planner features two of Zaheer Molu’s amazing destination weddings. I will write more about these in another post but for now help spread the love.

If you are getting married in  2015 or 2016 or know someone who is getting married in the Greater Vancouver or Fraser Valley or is planning a destination wedding, be sure to request your complimentary copy. You can also send me an email ( along with your wedding date & contact phone number and we can arrange to get one to you. And don’t worry we don’t share or forward details to anyone.

So for now, enjoy the bold colours of Shafeena our cover bride!